[LIVE Group Workout Sessions]

Prioritize your mind and body while traveling so you can continue to travel for years to come!

I Want This!

Find the strength in your body. Discover a calmness in your mind. Find satisfaction in your actions.
A winning recipe for a life full of adventure and pride.


Helping to answer all your necessary questions about your nutrition on the go. How can we best fuel our adventures? Is it even possible to improve our nutrition while traveling? Can we build a routine around our health as a nomad? These (and more!) will be answered throughout the monthly Nomad Nutrition Q&A online.


By participating in live group training sessions, you’ll be confident that the exercises you’re doing are safe and effective, because you’ll be guided by a certified fitness trainer. A trainer who also understands the struggles of the nomadic lifestyle, and makes it her mission to create fun workouts that don’t need any equipment! Wherever you are in the world, you’ll be able to join in. 👏


By having other like-minded people together in a class with similar goals as you, it helps to keep you accountable long-term. Not only will you start to notice a positive difference in your mind and body, but you’ll also notice a difference in your fellow group members, too!

Stop choosing between “health” and “travel”.

You can have both, and here’s how.

You chose this life for a reason.

Maybe you got sick of working the 9 to 5 and felt that you needed to do something different.

Maybe you always knew that your heart never truly belonged in the country that you were born.

Or maybe you feel your most alive when you’re traveling across the world, meeting new people and experiencing new cultures.

And whatever reason it was that pulled you into the lifestyle, you’re really thankful for taking the leap and pursuing your dreams.

I mean, how cool is it to be able to travel around the world, full-time, while also being able to work remotely?

Seriously, we’ve hit the jackpot.

But for how awesome this lifestyle is, sometimes there are some downsides, too.

Like struggling to find the motivation to workout when you have no idea where to find a gym in the new country that you’re in.

Or, if you do find a gym, not knowing what to do there and feeling like an outsider.

Or, struggling to meet people in your new environment that leads you to feel isolated and homesick.

And these things may seem small to begin with.

You stop moving your body because it’s easier to just work a few extra hours behind the computer instead.

You stop trying to meet new people because you just don’t have the energy to create a new relationship anymore.

You start to doubt your initial reasoning in becoming a digital nomad, and wonder why you ever left your home country in the first place.

And then you realize that, if you want to sustain this lifestyle long-term, it’s time to make a change.

But the problem is, you don’t know how to make that change, and you don’t know how to do it alone.

What you need is a group of like-minded people that help to keep you accountable in moving your body regularly, and a coach to help guide you in the right direction.

A group of people that know the struggles that you’re experiencing, because they’re experiencing them, too.

So let’s do this together.

Take charge of your health now while continuing to travel.

Because it’s possible to have both, so why wouldn’t you choose for both?

I want both!

What are the benefits of doing this together?

  • You’ll maximize your results: By having a pre-dedicated timeslot in your week to workout, you never have to worry about overtraining or undertraining certain areas of your body. The group workouts will be targeted at full-body, making sure that your whole body will feel great, and prepared for your next adventure!
  • Save precious time: Time is one of the most valuable resources for us nomads. We want to spend our free time traveling and sightseeing, not google searching for a nearby gym and then having to figure out what to do once we get there. With group coaching, all you have to do is click the meeting link and get your workout on with us.
  • Minimize risk: By having a certified personal trainer running the workouts, you know you won’t end up doing something wrong that will leave you hurting. Instead, you’ll know you’re doing the exercises correctly, and feel better afterwards.
  • You’ll build new connections: Sometimes as a nomad, the lifestyle can get lonely. When you sign up for group coaching, you’ll be able to see and connect with other like-minded nomads that are also prioritizing their health and wellness.


“My overall mindset towards foods and the nutrients within them changed completely!
I have also gained confidence in general, specifically in my ability to complete physical activities, despite my prior thoughts/energy levels telling me I can’t. It has encouraged me to continue actions, even small changes, towards a sustainable, healthier lifestyle in the future!”

So, what does the online group coaching look like?

1x / week online workout
Current days and times are Wednesday’s at 6:30am MST. Apply for group coaching for more information.

1x/ month online nutrition Q&A
Where you can bring any and all questions about nutrition on the road.

And most importantly: ✨Results✨

The best thing you can do for yourself is to improve your activity levels and stick with it. After a month of being consistent, you’ll start to see positive changes with your body and mind.

NOTE: Max limit is 12 participants. Spots fill up fast, so sign up now to secure a spot!

Let's do this!

100% Money Back Guarantee

Life already contains enough risk (especially as a digital nomad!). Investing in yourself shouldn't be another risk. I am confident about the contents and quality of the coaching sessions that I can provide for you.

If you aren't satisfied with the results you achieved within the first six coaching sessions, send an e-mail to info@coachshandi.com, and you'll get your money back.

Through this way, you can discover what my program has to offer, and what it would mean to you, without any added risks.

Sometimes I've heard: "But won't clients misuse this guarantee?"

Maybe some will, but the other 99% shouldn't have to suffer because of that.

I believe in the work that I do, and I trust that I can help you get the results that you want.

Signup Today for Group Training!

Want to have the accountability to continue working on yourself, and the support you need to feel confident in your fitness journey?

Then this group coaching is perfect for you!

As a personal trainer and coach, I stand for my quality and I want the classes to feel inclusive and inviting.
Therefore, I have a max capacity of clients I can take in.

Currently, I only have 9 more spots available.


{ CAD $40 per month }

Claim your Spot & Apply Online Now

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the online group training work, and what can I expect from the sessions?

When you signup, you’ll receive an email with further instructions of when we’ll start, and payment options.

You’ll receive a second email with 2 recurring meeting links (make sure to save them!); one will be the link for our weekly recurring workouts together, and one will be the link for the monthly nutrition Q&A sessions.

Then once a week, we’ll join on the meeting link and do a fun workout together as a group, and once a month we’ll join the meeting link to ask our most burning questions about nutrition and how to reach our goals while living the nomadic lifestyle.

No equipment is needed for the workouts, (apart from a water bottle 😉), and they’ll last between 45 minutes to 1 hour in length. 💪

If you have any other questions about the sessions, feel free to send me an email at Shandi@CoachShandi.com 😊

What kind of support and communication can I expect from you as the trainer?

In our weekly workouts together, I’ll make sure that you feel comfortable with the exercises, and help guide you to make sure that you’re doing them safely.

In the monthly nutrition sessions, we’ll all sit down together for ~30 minutes and discuss our questions about nutrition and how best to approach it while living the digital nomad lifestyle. Any and all questions are welcome here – so bring lots! 😉

You’ll also be added into a Whatsapp group with other members of the online training group, and here you can expect weekly updates about the workouts, as well as the ability to motivate each other in the group! 💪

Can I access the training sessions if I'm in a different time zone or have an unpredictable schedule as a digital nomad?

Currently, the training sessions are setup so that you have to join the meeting link in order to participate in the workouts.
But, you will also become part of a Whatsapp group with all fellow group members, and in this group, I’ll provide the link to a recording of the workout that we completed that week.
In the case that you cannot attend the live session, you’ll still be able to watch the workout via the recording and do them on your own (although I highly recommend attending the online workouts together to get the most out of the training sessions). The recordings will be available for 7 days from the recording date.

What equipment do I need for the online group training sessions?

Just bring yourself (and a water bottle! 💦).

How do you create a sense of community among participants in an online group setting?

You’ll be added into a Whatsapp group where you can help encourage other members, and other members will help to encourage you! It’s the perfect setting to get to know other nomads, and share in our love for taking care of ourselves! 🎉

How is payment handled, and what is the cost of the online group training program?

Online group training is CAD $40 per month, and payment will be processed on a monthly recurring basis after signup.

What results can I expect from participating in the online group training program?

Not only will you feel more apart of a community (which is definitely something that I always feel is lacking a bit as a digital nomad myself), but your self-confidence will start to improve, and you’ll start to feel stronger and more capable. 💪