Online Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching
for Female Digital Nomads

Improve your nutrition and fitness habits with a like-minded nomadic coach who holds you accountable towards your goals, progress, and success, all while travelling and on-the-go.

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The life-changing programs for the travelling digital nomad:

Online Nomad Nutrition Coaching

If you’re a nomad who feels like their lack of routine is draining, and you’re looking for something to help lessen that feeling of chaos, then you’re in the right place. You’ll get online one-on-one coaching and accountability that will help you improve your eating *and* lifestyle habits.

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Online Nomad
Personal Training

If you’re a nomad who feels like that lack of routine makes it difficult to find time (or a place!) to fit some activity in, this is the perfect program for you! You’ll receive online one-on-one personal training sessions that you can do anywhere – on the beach, in your hotel room, or in your van – there are no limits to where we can workout together!

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Online Nomad Nutrition AND Personal Training

Are you a nomad that’s looking for some help dealing with everyday obstacles from food choices on the road to how to stay active when you’re on the go?

This value pack of one-on-one coaching and accountability sessions help to keep you motivated, and understand how to deal with these challenges so you can finally find a good balance on the road – no more lack of routine, or chaotic schedules!

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“My overall mindset towards foods and the nutrients within them changed completely!
I have also gained confidence in general, specifically in my ability to complete physical activities, despite my prior thoughts/energy levels telling me I can’t. It has encouraged me to continue actions, even small changes, towards a sustainable, healthier lifestyle in the future!”

Hi! My name is Shandi, your coach. 👋

Just like you, I’m a digital nomad who’s had their fair share of frustrations when it comes to finding a healthy balance while constantly on the go.
Through my experience of travelling, in combination with my background in Kinesiology and nutrition/personal training, I’ve found that practicing small actions that become sustainable habits are the way to go when you want to make a positive change in your [not so ordinary] life.

I help nomads increase their energy levels, decrease stress, and find a great work/life balance while still living their adventurous lives. No restrictions, just more freedom.

My Coaching Approach