Know the Why. Change the What.

Stop short-term yo-yo dieting, and create long-term habits that will last a lifetime.

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Strength in your body. Calm in your head. Satisfaction in your actions.
A winning recipe for lifelong fulfillment.


These programs are not fast and sexy, but simple and effective. There’s no need to starve yourself, because these programs will feed all dimensions of your life: physical, emotional, social, and mental.


The content is based from real world problems. The actions to solve these problems are concrete and immediately applicable (in 5 minutes or less).


No, these programs don’t contain everything there is to know about nutrition and health. However, it does contain the most important information and actions needed for direct results. A nice filter that helps create change efficiently, and thus effectively; no fluff.

Feeling weighed down from the last year?

If you want to learn how to break free from constant dieting without giving up on your goals, then here is where you discover how that’s possible.

For many of us, the last year was a challenging period full of stressors, frustrations, and endless obstacles. The last thing we want to do is add another frustration to the list, like doing another dreaded diet.

It is difficult in times like this to pay enough attention to yourself, your loved ones, and to get a grip on your days. You lack structure because everything changes so much and you often don’t know what to do in the limited time that you do have to yourself. Do I sign up for a quick 2 week diet? Do I change everything all at once?

So you carry on the same way you’ve been doing.

But, there is an answer that can help you take your life back: even as these challenging times continue to test us.

In a world that is spinning faster and faster, you have two options: spiral faster and faster into the never ending dieting schemes or press the restart button. My programs help you do the latter.

These thoughtfully created programs will help you discover the methods to creating a sustainable, picturesque lifestyle, and gives you a concrete framework to achieve that. You will know your why, so you can change your what.

With the different programs I offer, you can finally stop the dieting schemes and take a deep dive into yourself and your life. Improve your relationship with food, increase your physical fitness, deepen your overall health, and build your confidence.

Not with quick hacks, but with a different way of life.

I want this!

Time for a different path.

A system of dieting schemes has been adopted into our society as the only path to take to gain confidence. The system tells us that in order to be confident, we have to lose weight. We may lose the weight, but end up gaining it back shortly after, and we still don’t have that previously promised confidence. It’s an endless circle of disappointment over, and over, and over again.

And of course, there are numerous limitations caused by these diet schemes: limitations in your physical health, your mental health, your relationships, and your belief in your capabilities.

It’s time for another path. The path that can actually help you find your confidence and keep it. Because if you invest 5 minutes everyday to making a sustainable change, the disappointment will come to an end. The only thing left, then, is a newly blossoming confidence in yourself, your actions, and your habits.


“My overall mindset towards foods and the nutrients within them changed completely!
I have also gained confidence in general, specifically in my ability to complete physical activities, despite my prior thoughts/energy levels telling me I can’t. It has encouraged me to continue actions, even small changes, towards a sustainable, healthier lifestyle in the future!”

The solution.

When staying in the incessant continuum of yo-yo dieting, you’ll always be more focused on short-term “wins and losses” rather than long-term, life-changing improvements.

By saying goodbye to restrictive diets and welcoming a different approach, you create endless possibilities for your new future.

Instead of focusing on losing inches, you learn how to gain strength.

Instead of focusing on losing weight, you familiarize yourself on how to build a healthier, happier life.

Instead of constantly encountering failures, you adopt the recipe for success.

And this is all possible without having to sacrifice your favorite “guilty pleasures”, whether that’s a glass of red wine, or your favorite chocolate bar.

I want this!

The recipe for the transformation you have been looking for.

  • Achieve higher energy levels, clearer thinking and higher productivity by implementing one simple action.
  • An open secret (which hardly anyone uses) to happily reach every single health and fitness goal.
  • Learn successful strategies to avoid the yo-yo effect (aka gaining it all back) caused by restrictive dieting.
  • How to dramatically improve your nutrition in 5 minutes a day… without making major changes.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Life already contains enough risk. Investing in yourself shouldn't be another risk. I am confident about the contents and quality of the coaching sessions that I can give you.

If you aren't satisfied with the results you achieved within the first five coaching sessions, send an e-mail to, and you will get your money back.

Through this way, you can discover what my program has to offer, and what it would mean to you.

Sometimes we hear: "But won't clients misuse this guarantee?"

Maybe some will, but the other 99% shouldn't bear the brunt.

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Each client that I coach is unique. We set different goals and work towards your targeted habits. There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach with personal coaching. This program is tailored to your goals and wishes, and that takes time.

As a personal coach, I stand for my quality and I wouldn’t want to “rush” things with you. Therefore, I have a max capacity of clients I can take in.
Currently, I only have 2 more spots available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will you coach me for?

These programs will be tailored completely to you and your goals; we'll create a plan together to work towards hitting those goals, through building easy, sustainable habits. Building habits do take time, but it's up to you how often you want to meet.

Most clients decide to have weekly one-hour coaching calls, which then taper down to biweekly or monthly accountability calls after three months to ensure that they are still constantly hitting their goals.

What do the sessions together look like?

Hereis a quick, general outline of the series of 1:1 calls. (Remember- every coaching session will differ depending on your goals, your needs, and your wants).

1. You’ll receive a welcome/ introduction package by email with a few forms for you to complete before our first meeting (so I can prepare a personalized session for you).

2. The free coaching call will be all about you and your goals. We’ll go through your forms together, and create a clear outline of our next steps: what your goals are, and how we can make them happen. You decide how often you want to meet, and we’ll choose the date/time of our next meeting together. (I recommend we meet every week to begin with, and gradually taper to biweekly meetings). This will be followed by a summarized email of everything we discussed during our meeting.

3. Accountability/ continuing calls: During these calls, we’ll discuss what has been going well, what hasn’t been going well, and everything in between. We’ll decide daily actions together that you can do to make your goals a reality. We’ll go through any questions you have, review your goals, and make next steps to achieving new goals/ continuouslysustaining the previous habits.

Does it seem expensive to you?

What is your health worth to you?

In the long run, continuing with unhealthy habits will cost you more than an investment into creating healthier ones now.
Medical bills, hospital visits, medications, and continuous pain could quickly add up.

By investing in yourself now, you can feel better now, and avoid almost all of those heachaches in the future.

Does that sound worth it to you?

Are these programs suitable for me?

Do you want to achieve awesome results in a week?
Then no, my program is not your thing.

Creating sustainable habits will take time and effort. There will be no easy tricks or sexy hacks in my program.

Therefore, I discourage you from buying any of these programs impulsively.

However, if you want to work for:

  • More energy in your body
  • Less stress in your head
  • Create satisfaction in your actions
  • Burst of self confidence (without getting arrogant)

And you understand that this costs time and effort, then my program will be perfect for you!

But I have my doubts...

Then I would wait. If you aren't ready to commit to change now, then maybe you're not ready to put in the work for it, either.
Creating a healthier life will take time, dedication and effort.