Ditch the restrictions. Find more freedom.

We became digital nomads for more freedom, not less. Let’s discover new ways to create healthy habits so we can continue to travel and enjoy our adventures without any limitations.

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Strength in your body. Calm in your head. Satisfaction in your actions.
A winning recipe for lifelong fulfillment.

Habit-Based Coaching

Creating habits is an important part to achieving any goal of any size. We’ll implement small, daily actions into your life, that lead to practices, that lead to you reaching your goals.

The smaller the action, the more likely that you’ll succeed in the long-term!

“Less, is more.”

No Restrictions

I believe that you don’t need to restrict yourself from certain foods in order to reach your goals. You can be your best self while still eating the foods that you love, and trying new ones, too!


Most people struggle with holding themselves accountable.

Studies show that if you have an accountability appointment (i.e. with a coach), your chances of success increase to 95%!

I believe that accountability plays a huge roll in the success of my clients. I want you to be successful, just as much as you want to be!

It’s my mission to help digital nomads reduce the amount of chaos they feel in their daily lives by building a long-lasting routine (and still being able to travel the way they want!).

Why I believe in building a sustainable routine as a digital nomad.

If constantly feeling stressed, and feeling like you never get anything of value completed sounds appealing to you, then continuing without a routine may be for you.

If your goal is to find more freedom, become more productive, and get excited about traveling again, then avoiding creating a routine may not be the best course of action to take.

Having no routine:

  • Creates anxiety.
  • Wastes time.
  • Strips you of any energy you had.
  • And then makes you feel the same way again the next day.

Does that sound appealing to you?

Hi! I’m your coach, Shandi.

I became a digital nomad in 2020, and a full-time van-lifer in April of 2021.

I LOVED the spontaneity of the nomadic lifestyle. But, I soon grew tired of having no daily routine; I’d wake up at different times every morning,
started working at random times, and would hardly never go to the gym anymore
because it was (a) too expensive for drop-ins (because we were in different places almost
every other day), or (b) I wasn’t able to find a time in the day to go because the days were
so crazy and random. Each day was drastically different and I felt that something was
really missing.
Of course, I love the spontaneity of the digital nomad life – but for me, it wasn’t
sustainable. I quickly became burnt out and had no passion for even traveling anymore.
With my background in kinesiology (the study of the human body), personal training,
and nutrition coaching, I decided to work with myself how I would with a client:
I slowly started adding small habits to my everyday life that I knew I could do any
day – regardless of how different the days still were.
I started doing bodyweight workouts that I could do anywhere/anytime (even in
the van if the weather was bad).
I started making food that made me feel good, but also didn’t have too many
dishes (because, well, I hate doing dishes).
And slowly but surely, I started creating a routine for myself that gave me energy,
instead of taking it away.
Even though it’s harder than in “regular” 9-5, it is possible to create a sustainable routine
in your life as a digital nomad or van-lifer; I work online helping people like you to create
a routine on the road because I’ve been there, and I want to help you get back to loving
every adventure that you take.