Know the Why. Change the What.

Stop short-term yo-yo dieting, and create long-term habits that will last a lifetime.

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Strength in your body. Calm in your head. Satisfaction in your actions.
A winning recipe for lifelong fulfillment.

Habit-Based Coaching

Creating habits is an important part to achieving any goal of any size. We implement small, daily actions into your life, that lead to practices, that lead to you reaching your goals.

The smaller the action, the more likely that you’ll succeed in the long-term!

“Less, is more.”

No Restrictions

I believe that you don’t need to restrict yourself from certain foods in order to reach your goals. You can be your best self while still eating the foods that you love!


Most people struggle with holding themselves accountable.

Studies show that if you have an accountability appointment (i.e. with a coach), your chances of success increase to 95%!

I believe that accountability plays a huge roll in the success of my clients. I want you to be successful, just as much as you want to be!

It’s my mission to help people gain back their confidence in their bodies through building long-lasting habits that are easy and sustainable, while still being able to enjoy their lives.

Why I don’t believe in “Dieting”

If your goal is to lose weight, and then gain it back a short period later, then dieting may be a good fit for you.

If your goal is to lose weight and keep it off, then dieting may not be the course of action to take.


  • Restricts you.
  • Dehumanizes you.
  • Devalues you.
  • And then makes you do it all over again a few months later.

Does that sound appealing to you?

Hi! I’m your coach, Coach Shandi.

I was a competitive swimmer for 15 years, and a competitive swim coach for 10 years.

I earned a BSc in Kinesiology through the University of Lethbridge, where I also volunteered as a student trainer for the Women’s Rugby team, and the Men’s and Women’s Swim team for 1.5 years during my studies.

Through my life-long experience in athletics, I realized a strong need for an improvement in nutrition for many athletes. Their goals can only be met through hard work (which they did!) but also through improved nutrition. I pursued a nutrition coaching certificate (through Precision Nutrition), where I learned the necessary steps to help my clients become successful in their daily lives.

Shortly after, I pursued a personal training certificate (through CSEP) so I can add yet another element to my offered programs. I see the importance of viewing all aspects of a person, not just certain elements.

Since then, my mission has evolved into being dedicated to helping you clarify and improve your health, nutrition and fitness goals. We reach these goals by building easy and sustainable habits, and I am with you every step of the way.