Do you find yourself snacking when you’re not hungry? 🍿🥨

Maybe you’re sitting in front of the tv watching your fav Netflix show, and 30 minutes later you find yourself in a food coma with an empty bag of salt and vinegar chips as your couch mate. We’ve all been there. No judgement here.

If you feel like you’re wanting to get your snacking under control, here are a few tips for you to try to help curb the mindless eating!

Try these tips:

  • 🥯Count your chews. This helps you slow down, and recognize possible mindless eating. Make sure you’re enjoying what you’re eating!
  • 😐Find your trigger! Are you bored? Tired? Sad? What is making you feel “snacky”? Check into your emotions, and make sure they’re not controlling your eating decisions.
  • 🥜Make more nutritious choices. If you don’t want to give up snacking, try snacking on whole foods instead of processed foods. Nuts? Dark chocolate? Fresh fruit? Fresh vegetables? What would work for you? Remember: It’s okay to snack on less nutritious foods. Just make sure you don’t make it into a daily habit. Chips are great once in a while. Not every single day.
  • 🍬Make it harder. We like things simple! If we don’t have that late night snack easily available, chances are we won’t go out of our way to get it. Keep the snacks out of sight, in a higher cupboard, or even better, not in the house at all!

Although we may think that we should “stop” snacking, the best practice is to make sure that we know when we’re eating. Snacking doesn’t have to be a bad thing, when you’re conscious of the decision to eat! Enjoy your food, and appreciate your decision to eat. Never let yourself feel guilty for satisfying your hunger craving!

Remember: You should never stop eating the foods you love if you don’t want to. Anyone that tells you otherwise, you should curb them.

The secret to reaching your goals? Finding the balance between those delicious sweets/ snacks, and more nutritious foods. Besides, what’s life without a little indulgence?

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