What an experience this was!

From presenting a workshop about burnout, to learning about personal branding, this event was one to remember.

  1. Because I met so many incredible and knowledgeable people, and found a new love for meetups 🫶🏼

  2. To finding a confidence in myself that I never thought I’d have 🥹

One fun fact about me is that I struggle when it comes to being in the spotlight.

This was something that pushed me so far out of my comfort zone, there were a few times I was considering backing out.

But I’m so proud of the fact that I was able to stand in front of so many people and share my experience with burnout, and help the nomads in the audience that have/are experiencing it.

In my workshop, I focused on telling my story about burnout. How my experience was, the journey that I took throughout the experience, and how I overcame it.

My main takeaway from the presentation was that burnout is not caused just from stress, it’s caused by the lack of a positive routine in your life.

What does that mean?

As nomads, we’re typically all over the place. Jumping from city to city or country to country every few weeks/months. Every time we move, we uproot the routine that we’ve been building in the environment we were just in. And every time we find a new place, we have to build that routine up.

Sometimes, the routine flows well: we find a gym right away, we find a grocery store (with foods that we like!) in it, find a nice work/life balance, and we find a neighborhood that we feel safe in.

Other times, we throw our routine out the window, work until midnight, sleep until noon, and skip the gym for a few months. We lose energy, and that makes it hard to stick with the routine.

But as a nomad, I’ve discovered that the key to living this lifestyle sustainably, and to help avoid burnout in the first place, is to make sure you set up that positive routine as soon as you get to a place!

What are some tips on how to create a positive routine?

  1. Remember that every action you take throughout your day is a “vote” for your future self.

    Ask yourself – is this action that I’m going to take, something that my future self would be proud of? Or something that my future self would be disappointed or frustrated in?

  2. Create a menu of options for yourself.

    Of course, the idea of having a structured routine that has every hour booked from sun-up to sun-down can bring… well… a little anxiety to say the least.

    As nomads, we sometimes thrive in the chaos! So the idea of creating a menu of options for ourselves is to pick some actions that we know will help us reach our goals, put them in a list, and choose to do them throughout the day. Make a list of to-dos for the day and give yourself some grace on when they’re going to get done.

  3. Understand that results take time.

    You’re not going to go to the gym one time and expect that you’re going to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger when you walk out the exit, right? (At least, I hope you’re not expecting that right away!). Results take time. Set up a system that you can make sustainable, and you’ll reach your goals in time.

Taking these 3 tips into account, how do you set up a positive routine as a nomad?

Let me know in the comments below.

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