Batching is a universal habit that works with just about everything. 🪐

What is “batching”?

Batching is when you do a bunch of small tasks at once, instead of spreading them out and doing them at separate times. ⏲

What can you batch?

You can batch:

  • Emails📧 (by answering them all at once, instead of answering them slowly throughout the day).
  • Laundry (by doing it once a week instead of every single day).
  • Cleaning (it’s called “Spring Cleaning” for a reason).

🥪But, you can also batch your meals!

Batching your meals save time🕛, effort💪🏼, and makes your go-to choice🤔 for a snack/meal much healthier than those cookies that have been staring at you since breakfast. 👀

How do I batch?

🥗For dinners, try making 2-3 times more than what you normally would! Then you can keep it for lunch or dinner the next day. Again, this will save you time, effort, and help you make healthier choices when you’re short on time. 😌


🍓For breakfasts, you can store fresh, pre-cut fruits in the freezer. When you want an easy breakfast, grab them from your freezer, throw them in a blender with some yogurt, and top the smoothie with your fav go-to toppers! (Mine is 🥥 , 🍌 , 🥭 , granola and dragon fruit).


Here you can have leftovers from your batched dinner last night, a nice salad that you made beforehand, or some overnight oats. All possible through batching!


Did you batch your dinner last night? Now you have enough for tonight!

Don’t want to have the same thing as the night before? Batch a bunch of different meals and freeze them. Then you have a whole menu of self-prepared frozen meals that are easy to reheat in a short amount of time. No more spending hours every single day making a delicious dinner! (Bonus: you know what’s in these frozen foods that you’ve prepared, making them a much healthier option than frozen meals from a grocery store!)

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